Bombers Polo Big Ring Gag Snaffle

Bombers Polo Big Ring Gag Snaffle

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A gag works by lifting the bit in the mouth in order to encourage the head to be raised. Often used on strong horses that like to lower their heads in order to escape the action of the bit in the mouth and get very strong.

When pressure is applied to the rein, the bit is lifted in the mouth and poll pressure is applied. The bit also rotates slightly in the mouth putting more pressure on the tongue and bars. To be correctly used, it must be used with two reins one on the gag rein and one on the big ring only bringing the gag rein into play when needed.

Our Snaffle is a popular bit due to the curved mouthpiece which distributes pressure more evenly over tongue and bars and reduces the nutcracker action. The offset centre link avoids the usual pressure point on the tongue.

The nutcracker action results in the horse lifting its head, therefore offers a solution for the horse that runs with its head down.

Disclaimer: Sweet Iron will oxidize when it comes into contact with mositure, this oxidation process encourages salivation which improves acceptance of the bit. This process changes the blue colour of the Bomber bit to a brownish grey. If not used for a while, any build-up may be removed with a scourer and wiped with a damp cloth.



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Big Ring Gag

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Includes Gag rounds